Monday, October 6, 2008

NLDS Round 2 (Pregame Matchup)

Round Two of the Cupcake World Series is shaping up to be a decent matchup on paper. The Philadelphia Philly Cream Cheese Cupcakes are set to take on the Milwaukee Brewer German Chocolate Cupcakes in a winner-take-all battle.

The Philly Cream Cheese have played some pre-season competition at Sunnyslope this year and could have a slight advantage over the newly-concocted Brewer German Chocolate Cupcakes. The Phillies, however, don't look nearly as good as the Brewers do on the field. This matchup will be purely about experience vs appearance.

Let's look at our lineup for today's matchup:

For the away team, the Milwaukee Brewers have a long tradition full of German Sausage, bratwurst, and other Northern European traditions. These cupcakes would make Bernie the Brewer proud and would certainly cause CC Sabathia to battle with Prince Fielder over the last one.
You can see the makeup of these German Chocolate Cupcakes right here.

Dale Sveum has blocked access to our website from the Brewers' clubhouse.

Across the field, the German Chocolate Cupcakes will be battling the long-time popular Philadelphia Philly Cream Cheese Cupcakes. These are a traditional group. No excitement, no flair. They may not look impressive but they certainly put on quite a show. This Phillies stack up like this.

This is going to be quite a competition. Let's see how the teams stack up in the field.
Phillies - NL East Champions
Brewers - NL Wild Card Champions

We're ready for the game, so let's see how it all turns out.