Monday, October 27, 2008

NLCS Round 5

Los Angeles 6 - Philadelphia 5

The NLCS of the Cupcake World Series featured the heavy-favorite Philadelphia Philly Cream Cheese Cupcakes against 'dem bums' Bleedin' Dodger Blueberry Cupcakes. Philadelphia had easy moved past Milwaukee in the NLDS and showed up with 6 of their best to face off against LA. The Dodgers opened the Cupcake World Series with a surprise victory over the Cubs. LA definately had the momentum going into this matchup but Philly had the talent. It was a matchup that would surely provide good battle.

LA jumped out to a quick lead but the Phils pushed back and eventually tied it up 20 minutes into the game. 53 minutes after the start, the Phils had pushed ahead 5-4 and were on the verge of victory. This was as hard fought a battle as anyone could have expected.

Evoking the spirit of Manny Ramirez, the Bleedin' Dodger Blueberry Cupcakes jumped out with a walkoff two-cupcake consumption and stole the victory from the Phightin Phils.

LA will move on later today to face the ALCS winner.