Monday, October 27, 2008


Chicago 6 - Los Angeles 3

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have finally made it. As the month of October winds down, there are always two things you can count on. The first, is that no matter what you are watching on TV, there will be references to football...even when you're watching the World Series. The second, and most important, is that a Champion will be crowned in baseball AND, this year, in the Cupcake World Series. It has been a long road this October. The schedule was marred a bit by "So You Think You Can Dance" shows and Fall Breaks. There was even an incident where Glenn had to pinch-hit for Bri and bake the cupcakes and ice them. Surely there were problems like this when Boston and Pittsburg (there was no H back then) faced off in the first World Series. The kinks will be worked out for next year. All in all, the competition has gone well.

We've seen hungry customers turnout out in record numbers to watch and cheer on their favorite cupcakes throughout the month. We've even seen them show up on non-game days. We've seen some blowouts but mostly we have seen good tight competition between all participants. Some were upsets, some were come from behind victories, and some were just all out domination. It was quite a playoff.

We started out with the Cupcake World Series reflecting the MLB Playoffs. Both the Dodgers and Phillies won their series and moved on but unlike in real life, the Dodgers were able to overcome the Phillies mostly because all Bleedin' Dodger Blueberry Cupcakes are both Furcal-free and contain a special anti-Billingsley extract that ensures they don't collapse under pressure.

The AL division of the Cupcake World Series existed in bizzaro world and saw both the White Sox and the Angels move on. In a move that only Chicagoans would love, the White Chocolate Cupcakes dominated the Angel Food Cupcakes in the ALCS and were poised to knock off the other LA team in the World Series.

The Cupcake World Series, much like the real World Series matches of the last few years, didn't offer much competition. The Dodgers showed well in the beginning. Not only did they score first but they kept pace with the Sox for the first hour of the game. The relief pitching of the Dodgers proved to be their weakness as they fell apart at the end of the game. The Chicago White Chocolate Sox Cupcakes scored 4 unanswered consumptions to take the trophy. 6-3

Congratulations to Chicago for defeating the Rays, Angels, and Dodgers to take Cupcake World Series. They proved the lasting appeal of White Chocolate and of traditional cupcake making. Progressive new cupcakes like the Rays attempted to find a way to appeal to a less traditional crowed and failed when faced with cupcake fundamentals. The Angels attempted to appeal to a health-conscience group of consumers and were trounced as well. Clearly, the fans wanted sweet, fattening, and familiar. The Dodgers showed remarkable resilience by showing both sweetness and a bit of healthiness with their combination of cream cheese and blueberries. The limited appeal of blueberries seems to be what did in the Dodgers by the end of the day. White Chocolate just had a larger fan base and encouraged more consumption.

The final standings from the Cupcake World Series (total number of cupcakes eaten)

1. Chicago White Sox White Chocolate Cupcakes *World Champions* (24)
2. Bleedin' Dodger Blueberry Cupcakes *NL Champions* (21)
3. Philadelphia Philly Cream Cheese Cupcakes *NL Runner Up* (17)
4. Los Angeles Angel Food Cupcakes of Anaheim *NL Runner Up* (17)
5. Boston Baked Bean Cupcakes (10)
6. Milwaukee Brewers German Chocolate Cupcakes (9)
7. Chicago Cubs 100 Year Cupcakes (8)
8. Tampa Bay Ray Tropicana Cupcakes (7)

ALCS Round 6

Los Angeles 5 - Chicago 6

The ALCS of the Cupcake World Series kicked off shortly after the Dodgers' come from behind walk off win against the Phillies. This round featured two underdogs of the AL. The Los Angeles Angel Food Cupcakes of Anaheim had upset Boston in the ALDS while the Chicago White Chocolate Sox trounced Tampa Bay. This round would feature a classic favorite with the South Siders going up against everything LA had to offer.

Chicago scored first and pressed for an early lead but were equalized by LA's light and fluffy temptation. The teams battled back and forth showing equal attractiveness and inviting the lust and glut of passersby. 20 minutes into the game, Chicago struggled to hang on to their one cupcake lead at 3-2.

LA attempted to gain the lead but Chicago held them back by staying one step ahead. An hour into the match it was 5-3 Chicago and it looked like they would close it out. The Angel Food Cupcakes surged with a quick two cupcakes to notch an equalizer and tie the game at 5.

The game remained tied for an hour before Chicago finally notched the game winning consumption. That secured Chicago's spot in the Cupcake World Series facing off against the Bleedin' Dodger Blueberry Cupcakes.

NLCS Round 5

Los Angeles 6 - Philadelphia 5

The NLCS of the Cupcake World Series featured the heavy-favorite Philadelphia Philly Cream Cheese Cupcakes against 'dem bums' Bleedin' Dodger Blueberry Cupcakes. Philadelphia had easy moved past Milwaukee in the NLDS and showed up with 6 of their best to face off against LA. The Dodgers opened the Cupcake World Series with a surprise victory over the Cubs. LA definately had the momentum going into this matchup but Philly had the talent. It was a matchup that would surely provide good battle.

LA jumped out to a quick lead but the Phils pushed back and eventually tied it up 20 minutes into the game. 53 minutes after the start, the Phils had pushed ahead 5-4 and were on the verge of victory. This was as hard fought a battle as anyone could have expected.

Evoking the spirit of Manny Ramirez, the Bleedin' Dodger Blueberry Cupcakes jumped out with a walkoff two-cupcake consumption and stole the victory from the Phightin Phils.

LA will move on later today to face the ALCS winner.

Friday, October 10, 2008

ALDS Round 4 (Final Results)

Tampa Bay 7 - Chicago 12

Finally Chicago won something. The people of Second City can now root root root for the home cupcake as the White Chocolate Cupcakes will be moving on to the ALCS and squaring off against the Los Angeles Angel Food Cupcakes of Anaheim. Even Northsiders can get on this bandwagon.

The White Chocolate Cupcakes started out strong. They started out with a 5-0 lead and never looked back. Every time the Tropicana Cupcakes made a move, the White Chocolate Cupcakes continued to pile it on. Eventually they ran the score up to 11-3.

Despite the drubbing, the Rays battled back. They pushed across 4 more cupcakes before finally losing the game.

The Rays were clearly plagued by their strange appearance. The bright orange tint was too intimidating for the fans. They stayed away for much of the game. By the time word got out about their taste, it was too late and they were too far behind. Better luck next year Rays.

The White Chocolate Cupcakes, however, capitalized on their experience and skill to propel them to an early lead. They will have a tough matchup next week when they face the Angel Food Cupcakes. Both teams will have plenty of experience to rely upon.

ALDS Round 4 (Pregame Matchup)

The Southsiders have made it to the ALDS this year and with them, they have brought their white sox and their White Chocolate Cupcakes. Across the field, they are set to square off against the virginal Tampa Bay Rays and their Tropicana Cupcakes. This should be a great matchup.

The White Chocolate Cupcakes are sure to be fan favorites. Just like their baseball counterparts, you are simply born liking White Chocolate. You never choose to like it. No one wakes up one day and says, you know, US Cellular Field is such a great place and that Ozzie Guillen guy is such an awesome manager, I think I should be a ChiSox fan. No, ChiSox fans are born out of their hatred of rich white Cub fans. As such, white chocolate fans clearly have some aversion to real chocolate and would prefer a cheaper, faker alternative. Despite all of this, it has even become trendy to be a white chocolate fan in recent years; something the ChiSox can never attain. Presenting themselves today, these White Chocolate Cupcakes are topped with a white chocolate buttercream frosting. These will clearly appeal to a large number of people and should perform well.

The Tropicana Cupcakes are a complete redesign of an orange creamsicle cupcake. Much like the Devil Rays-turned-Rays incident that took place during the Winter, we have converted a sweet treat into a tart and tangy combination of sugar, orange juice, and Tang. Yes, that's right, these cupcakes have Tang in them. This could be construed as a nod to the Kennedy Space Center that sits only a few hours away from Tampa but it is not. These cupcakes stand out, much like a Rayhawk, and should garner plenty of attention with their bright orange color. Unfortunately for them, this may turn off many traditionalists in the same way that playing in a dome and having a fish tank full of rays can turn off tradional baseball fans. We will just have to wait and see.

Pictures are coming, complete with captions. You'll just have to wait.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

ALDS Round 3 (Final Results)

Angels 12 - Red Sox 10

The media circus has returned to Fenway, or so it would seem for the Boston Baked Bean Cupcakes. Their rich molasses aroma drew in onlookers from about the office. All of this attention helped push Boston out to a 3-0 lead before the Angel Food could capitalize. In true Mike Scioscia style, however, LA battled back to notch a tie at 3-3.

38 minutes into the game, the bean eater fans had pushed Boston ahead by one. After an hour rain delay due to faculty meetings, the game resumed and the score surged ahead. It stood 6-5 Boston until two hours in when the Angels pulled ahead 7-6; marking the first lead change we have seen in this Cupcake World Series.

Playing catch-up, the Baked Bean Cupcakes attempted to regain the lead but the Angels put up a two-spot and forged ahead 9-7. Boston inched forward one but LA held them off.

Boston Baked Bean Cupcakes attempting to make a comeback and look their most appealing.

Once again, Boston was not able to transition from a strong start to a strong finish. Their middle relief failed them again. The power of the molasses cupcakes were no match for the fluffiness of the angel food and, in the end, the LA Angel Food Cupcakes of Anaheim notched a 12-10 win over Boston. In a staggering come from behind victory, LA is going to move on to the ALCS.

Just like in this photo, the Los Angeles Angel Food Cupcakes of Anaheim came out on top of Boston in the ALDS of the Cupcake World Series.

Moving on to the next round, the Los Angels Angel Food Cupcakes of Anaheim.

ALDS Round 3 (Pregame Matchup)

Round Three of the Cupcake World Series features the first matchup between two new cupcakes. Both of these cupcakes are rookies and fresh out of the AAA oven. This should make for an interesting round, to say the least.

On the away side, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are represented by these Los Angeles Angel food Cupcakes of Anaheim. They are squaring off against the Boston Red Sox' Boston Baked Bean Cupcakes.

Los Angeles Angel Food Cupcakes of Anaheim

Boston Red Sox Boston Baked Bean Cupcakes

The Angel Food Cupcake is baking on the L.A. health craze to propel it to the next round. With its light and fluffy cake and Cool Whip-based topping, this cupcake should appeal to anyone looking for a sugar fix without tipping the scales.

The Boston Baked Bean Cupcakes are truly made for the Fall Classic. They feature brown sugar and molasses which could pique those with a taste for curiosity.

The Red Sox having a team meeting in the locker room.

Mike Scioscia adresses his team before the game.

The Los Angeles Angels may not have the best playoff record against the Red Sox but the Cupcake World Series does what Vlad and Chone can never do; give them a chance. The Sox, however, offer a contrast in style. They are heavy-hitters that will leave you feeling full after a few bites. The Angel Food is light and quick.

Some Boston Baked Bean Cupcake Fans set up in the stands.

And we are ready for our matchup. This should be a great series and one that will decidedly change the pace of the Cupcake World Series. These two teams are unlike anything we have seen before and whomever comes out on top will undoubtedly have a reputation when the ALCS rolls around.