Wednesday, October 8, 2008

ALDS Round 3 (Pregame Matchup)

Round Three of the Cupcake World Series features the first matchup between two new cupcakes. Both of these cupcakes are rookies and fresh out of the AAA oven. This should make for an interesting round, to say the least.

On the away side, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are represented by these Los Angeles Angel food Cupcakes of Anaheim. They are squaring off against the Boston Red Sox' Boston Baked Bean Cupcakes.

Los Angeles Angel Food Cupcakes of Anaheim

Boston Red Sox Boston Baked Bean Cupcakes

The Angel Food Cupcake is baking on the L.A. health craze to propel it to the next round. With its light and fluffy cake and Cool Whip-based topping, this cupcake should appeal to anyone looking for a sugar fix without tipping the scales.

The Boston Baked Bean Cupcakes are truly made for the Fall Classic. They feature brown sugar and molasses which could pique those with a taste for curiosity.

The Red Sox having a team meeting in the locker room.

Mike Scioscia adresses his team before the game.

The Los Angeles Angels may not have the best playoff record against the Red Sox but the Cupcake World Series does what Vlad and Chone can never do; give them a chance. The Sox, however, offer a contrast in style. They are heavy-hitters that will leave you feeling full after a few bites. The Angel Food is light and quick.

Some Boston Baked Bean Cupcake Fans set up in the stands.

And we are ready for our matchup. This should be a great series and one that will decidedly change the pace of the Cupcake World Series. These two teams are unlike anything we have seen before and whomever comes out on top will undoubtedly have a reputation when the ALCS rolls around.