Wednesday, October 8, 2008

ALDS Round 3 (Final Results)

Angels 12 - Red Sox 10

The media circus has returned to Fenway, or so it would seem for the Boston Baked Bean Cupcakes. Their rich molasses aroma drew in onlookers from about the office. All of this attention helped push Boston out to a 3-0 lead before the Angel Food could capitalize. In true Mike Scioscia style, however, LA battled back to notch a tie at 3-3.

38 minutes into the game, the bean eater fans had pushed Boston ahead by one. After an hour rain delay due to faculty meetings, the game resumed and the score surged ahead. It stood 6-5 Boston until two hours in when the Angels pulled ahead 7-6; marking the first lead change we have seen in this Cupcake World Series.

Playing catch-up, the Baked Bean Cupcakes attempted to regain the lead but the Angels put up a two-spot and forged ahead 9-7. Boston inched forward one but LA held them off.

Boston Baked Bean Cupcakes attempting to make a comeback and look their most appealing.

Once again, Boston was not able to transition from a strong start to a strong finish. Their middle relief failed them again. The power of the molasses cupcakes were no match for the fluffiness of the angel food and, in the end, the LA Angel Food Cupcakes of Anaheim notched a 12-10 win over Boston. In a staggering come from behind victory, LA is going to move on to the ALCS.

Just like in this photo, the Los Angeles Angel Food Cupcakes of Anaheim came out on top of Boston in the ALDS of the Cupcake World Series.

Moving on to the next round, the Los Angels Angel Food Cupcakes of Anaheim.