Monday, October 6, 2008

NLDS Round 2 (Final Results)

Brewers 9 - Phillies 12

Round Two of the Cupcake World Series started out with the heavily favored Phills going up 2-0 over the Crew. Without much hesitation, the Crew battled back and tied the score at 2. The Phillies kept a steady pace but the Crew matched it every step of the way. One hour into the game, the score was tied 5-5.

Brewer getting dressed in the locker room before the game.

All dressed out and ready to play.

After the stretch, the Phillies notched another one on the board as the Brewers attempted to keep pace. The Phills began to surge ahead as the second hour approached. By hour number 2, the Phillies' 3 cupcake lead had been diminished to just 1. The score was 8-7.

In what was clearly a binge-eating attack by Prince Fielder, the Brewers scored 4 unanswered runs to tie the game up at 8.

The Brew Crew's German Chocolate Cupcakes making a final charge as the game heads towards its final moments.

The Phillies made another push at the end, intending to finish as strongly as they had started. Like Brad Lidge slamming the door, the Phillies pushed across 3 more cupcakes to make the score 11-8.

All 12 of these Phillies were eaten and will move on to face the Dodgers.

Like J-Roll crossing the plate, the 12th and final cupcake was taken at 9:50, almost 3 hours after the start of the game. The Phillies advance to the NLCS of the Cupcake World Series and will take on the Bleedin' Dodger Blue Cupcakes. Experience was clearly a deciding factor in this matchup. Surprisingly, no one who picked the Philly Cream Cheese Cupcakes booed them. Clearly, we are not in Philly.