Friday, October 10, 2008

ALDS Round 4 (Final Results)

Tampa Bay 7 - Chicago 12

Finally Chicago won something. The people of Second City can now root root root for the home cupcake as the White Chocolate Cupcakes will be moving on to the ALCS and squaring off against the Los Angeles Angel Food Cupcakes of Anaheim. Even Northsiders can get on this bandwagon.

The White Chocolate Cupcakes started out strong. They started out with a 5-0 lead and never looked back. Every time the Tropicana Cupcakes made a move, the White Chocolate Cupcakes continued to pile it on. Eventually they ran the score up to 11-3.

Despite the drubbing, the Rays battled back. They pushed across 4 more cupcakes before finally losing the game.

The Rays were clearly plagued by their strange appearance. The bright orange tint was too intimidating for the fans. They stayed away for much of the game. By the time word got out about their taste, it was too late and they were too far behind. Better luck next year Rays.

The White Chocolate Cupcakes, however, capitalized on their experience and skill to propel them to an early lead. They will have a tough matchup next week when they face the Angel Food Cupcakes. Both teams will have plenty of experience to rely upon.