Tuesday, September 23, 2008

There's Only ONE October

So the playoff season is fast approaching. As of this writing, the teams with playoff hopes are:

Tampa Bay Rays, Los Angeles Angels, Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox, Minnesota Twins

Chicago Cubs, Los Angeles Dodgers, Arizona Diamondbacks, Philadelphia Phillies, New York Mets, Milwaukee Brewers

Since baseball is our life and this is a baseball cupcake blog, we decided to have an informal baseball cupcake playoff to see just how these teams fare in cupcake form.

Cupcake World Series Rules -
The rules are as follows:

  • A predetermined schedule will decide when playoff contests will be held.
  • Each playoff day will feature the corresponding teams from the MLB playoffs.
  • One dozen of each team's cupcakes will be made one day prior to the contest.
  • The dozen cupcakes from Team A will sit beside the dozen cupcakes from Team B for one day at Bri's desk.
  • When all 12 of the cupcakes of a particular team have been removed by non-biased consumers, a winner will be announced.
  • That winning cupcake recipe will move on to compete in the second round against the winner of a similar competition.
  • This process will continue, in single elimination format, until a winner is chosen.
  • Cupcakes will not display the logo of the representative team in any way but can and will feature colors and representative markings.
  • Second round and World Series rules vary slightly; 6 cupcakes from each team will compete from the winning teams from the Division Series. The first team with all 6 cupcakes eaten will advance to the World Series. The World Series will again feature 6 cupcakes from the winning Championship Series games.

The schedule is as follows (to be revised as teams clinch):
Thursday October 2nd [Round 1]
Chicago Cubs vs Los Angeles Dodgers

Monday October 6th [Round 2]
Philadelphia Phillies vs Milwaukee Brewers

Wednesday October 8th [Round 3]
Los Angeles Angels vs Boston Red Sox

Friday October 10th [Round 4]
Tampa Bay Rays vs Chicago White Sox

Monday October 27th [Round 5]
NL Championship Series
Round 1 winner vs Round 2 winner

Monday October 27th [Round 6]
AL Championship Series
Round 3 vs Round 4 winner

Monday October 27th [Round 7]
World Cupcake Series
Round 5 winner vs Round 6 winner

Feel Free to play along at home. Post your result.